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As a blogger, writing becomes an additional ability that must be mastered besides coding, of course. But for me personally, writing is far more important as stock to build a career as a blogger. Look at Raditya Dika who became a blogger and writer because of his skill.

Not a few bloggers who have expertise in writing I found on auction sites. They sell their services very cheaply. Not that they are cheap. It's just that, in our beloved country there are no service auction sites that are able to humanly appreciate freelance writers.

Or in other languages, not many service seekers can afford to pay properly for one paper. I tried to find some writing orders for blogs on the Sribulancer site. My search was aimed at someone who needed a reliable writer for a blog.

He offered a price of Rp. 500,000 for 25 articles with each article containing 1000 words. That means that per article is valued at Rp. 20,000, aka Rp. 20 for each word. Not to mention there are frills "it would be better if more than 25 writings, could be 30 or 35," he said.

For me, this is an insult. Besides, because he asked that his writing, not copy-paste, it also had to be completed in a short time. He thought one pure writing could be finished like defecating in the morning. That makes no sense. If it is not the result of cloning from other writings, I do not know the author will do what moves to fulfill all that.

Freelance writers in several countries are highly valued. I found a lot of writing and buying sites that pay quite humanly. One of them is FreelanceMom. They pay writers from $75 to $ 100 for one article from 900 to 1,500 words.

If converted in rupiah with an exchange rate of Rp. 13,000, then one article on the site is valued starting at Rp.975,000 to Rp. 1,300,000. Compare the comparison of the comparison yourself. But there will definitely be those who say, it is abroad. For me, writing is not familiar with demographics. Everything is about creative power. The challenges are the same.

But that does not mean that all sites in Indonesia do not respect writing. It's not a service auction site. But they accept writers with various backgrounds. If you have good writing skills, there is no harm in sending posts to these sites.

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1. Mojok

The site that carries this popular concept is a place for writers with excessive ability. As an alternative media, you are strictly forbidden to be too serious. More satires and subtle teasing to many cases.

Mojok received a lot of writing, starting essays, curhatan, and even mop stories. They really appreciate it. Although the writing in Mojok is lighter and tasteful, but they really appreciate every work that is successfully published. The payment starts from IDR 350,000 to more for one article.

So you have excess energy, there is no harm in sending to Mojok.co.

2. Voxpop

Actually almost the same as Mojok, Voxpop Indonesia also carries a relaxed and refreshing theme. However, for those of you who aren't too satirical, but your writing holds meaning, then Voxpop.id can be an interesting choice.

Voxpop accepts diverse writings, ranging from opinions with diverse and fresh perspectives. As the name suggests 'Suara Rakyat' (vox populi), this site was founded from a variety of different backgrounds. Starting from journalists, comic artists, to entrepreneurs.

That is why every article that succeeds on this site will be rewarded with a humane honor. One article is paid IDR 250,000 with an unlimited number of words.

3. Geotimes

If you are the type of person who writes seriously and always fulfills all theoretical elements. Then there is no harm in writing something on Geotimes.co.id. Sites that hold opinion writing and this column put forward the actual and timeless issues.

Posts that can appear on the site must meet the requirements from 750 to 1000 words. However, do not worry, if your writing successfully published, the pay will also not disappoint. They will pay according to expertise, but starting from Rp. 350,000 per article. The pay can be more than a million if it is indeed from the experts.

4. Remotivi

This one is more specific. Remotivi.or.id is an organization that monitors all media broadcasts. Both television, radio, print to online. If you have the ability to analyze a story from a media point of view, please send a text.

I have never sent an article to Remotivi, but some friends who managed to publish articles on the site said that the payment was far from enough than just social media. They can pay from IDR 350,000 to IDR 1,500,000 per article.

But there he is, it is the article for today. Hope you enjoy.


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